Compeer is a remarkable story of personal change brought by friendship. Since 2001, Compeer Lancaster has existed to provide peer support for people experiencing mental health challenges. CompeerCORPS is an extension of the traditional Compeer model that is designed to serve our veteran population. The purpose of the CompeerCORPS program is to create a supportive network for veterans who could benefit from a veteran peer mentor and other community relationships. Veteran volunteer mentors are matched with a veteran based on interests, age-range, military service and gender.

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Do you have as few as 4 hours
to spare each month to make
a difference in someone’s life?

What is Compeer Lancaster?

  • We are a not-for-profit program of Mental Health America of Lancaster County that matches volunteers from the community with an adult who is in mental health recovery.
  • Friendship is important! Compeer friendships spend four hours each month for one year engaging in activities they both enjoy, such as going out to eat or walking in the park, attending a community event or play, enjoying a cup of coffee at a local coffee shop or going to the library.


  • Volunteers become positive role models, help raise self-esteem, increase social and communication skills and encourage independence for their Compeer friends.
  • The rewards are many when you volunteer for Compeer Lancaster. There are opportunities for personal growth and satisfaction through helping others.
  • Being a Compeer volunteer is fun and fits into your current lifestyle because you choose the hours just as you would with any friendship.

  • Join Compeer Lancaster and support people
    in mental health wellness.
    Your donation is so valuable.

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